Sherry Wien

Dr. Sherry Wien is Associate Professor of Communication at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. She teaches communication skills including eye contact. In 2017, she presented at Purple Reign: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Life and Legacy of Prince in Manchester, England. Her multimedia presentation was “Stare: A Content Analysis of How Prince Directed and Avoided Gaze in His Songs and Movies.” In 2021, she presented at 78-88: Prince, The First Decade: An Interdisciplinary Conference. Her multimedia presentation was “Eavesdropping with Tricky: Listening In On Friendship Under The Cherry Moon.” She continues to study Prince combining communication, psychology, and a little kink to make it superfunkycalifragisexy.

Dr. Sherry Wien

3 Chains O’ Gold Fetish and Roleplay

In the long-form home video 3 Chains O’ Gold, Prince shows us what turns him on. This multimedia presentation focuses on fetish and roleplay. Generally, Prince is the performer and Mayté is the Egyptian princess. But they play “photographer and model” as well as “teacher and student.” Prince enjoys being an officer, gangster, rioter, phantom, and vampire. Mayte negotiates her sexual consent throughout this fantasy rock opera.

The world of fetish is broad and sometimes confusing. What is the difference between an acceptable fetish and a mental disorder paraphilia? What is the difference between a traditional fetish and a sexual fetish? What are the boundaries for erotic age orientation and puberty? What does BDSM mean? Where are kink playrooms? How are chains used in fetish play? You’ll learn in twenty minutes.

Prince enjoys fetishes like voyeurism, control, discipline, dominance, submission, buttocks, breasts, hips, legs, and feet. He wears fetish clothing and so do his fans/sexual partners. His accessories are fetish toys for a “Gangster Glam” style. His turn-ons are VHS tapes, cars, group sex, and masquerade parties. Prince also gets aroused by autagonistophilia and olfactophilia. What are those? Watch and find out.