Adam Rudegeair

Adam Rudegeair is a prolific composer, performer, filmmaker, and educator based in Melbourne, Australia. His music is rooted in jazz and funk, with significant influences from the sounds of New Orleans and Minneapolis. His current projects as a leader include Lake MinnetonkaThe Bowie Project, and Retconned Bond.

In 2021 Adam completed his Masters studies at Box Hill Institute with the thesis, ‘Strange Changes: Re-imagining Jazz Structures for Improvisation Utilising the Compositions of David Bowie’.

Since 2008 Adam has presented the weekly jazz radio program Black Wax on PBS 106.7FM.

Adam Rudegair

New Directions in Rock Opera: The expansive musical palette of the Love Symbol album

Prince’s 1992 O{+> album was the sophomore release featuring his new band The New Power Generation. It was framed as a rock opera concept album with a loose narrative involving Prince’s love affair with an Egyptian Princess. Building on the polished pop sound of the previous album Diamonds and PearlsO{+> exploded in all directions, featuring more collaborators, rap and jazz flavours, samples, orchestral textures, sudden tonal shifts, and a distinctly darker tone. This presentation will spotlight the ingenious architecture of the music, featuring the NPG with contributors including the Hornheadz, turntablist DJ Graves, and The Steeles.